Join Our Team of Recruiters


Are you looking to make EXCELLENT money as a driver recruiter?

At Best Choice Recruiting you can work from the comfort of your own home and make on average $600 per successfully hired driver (as high as $3,600). You can make your own hours and still make a GREAT income, with the flexibility you DESERVE! If you can answer the phone, make calls from a lead database, work a minimum of 30 hours per week, make a minimum of 50-100 outbound calls average per day, and be personable… you can go FAR with Best Choice Recruiting! Now being a 3rd party recruiter isn’t for everyone. Think carefully before you decide to make this career decision; it’s not easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding.

We set you up for success!

As soon as you become a recruiter with BCR you are given tools to help you become a great recruiter. Your first day consists of 5 online training courses. After you complete the online courses, you will then join our Training Manager in an online training, sometimes in a group setting, the following day (usually on Monday). As soon as you pass the training you will then complete at least one mock call, usually Tuesday. If you pass the mock call(s) you then are able to start calling over the rest of the week. Our Trainee program does not have a set amount of time, only criteria you must meet to get promoted to a level 2 recruiter. This is something that will be covered in training. Once you graduate our Trainee program and become a level 2 recruiter, you will receive a 25% pay increase, that means the average driver payout is $750!

Do you have quotas?

BCR does have minimum expectations. We suggest you to make a minimum of 30-50 calls per day and require you to have at least 1 hire per month (averaged over a 3 month period). Not difficult to meet our guidelines at all.

Work with the best!

We work with GREAT carriers and we provide you access to detailed information to help “sell” the right position to a Class A driver!

What am I responsible for and what do you provide?

As an independent agent, you are responsible for:

  • Having a separate BUSINESS line is ideal.
  • An internet connection.
  • Access to Microsoft Office (Excel/Word)

We provide you with the following:

  • A company email address
  • A general fax number
  • An extension on our 800 number
  • Access to our call queue
  • Access to our online Carrier Portal
  • Access to our database full of leads
  • Access to a power dialer system with many useful tools – this is not required. ($65 / $85 / $115 monthly fee reimbursed within 2 hires each month) 
How do I get paid and when?

You are paid commission and you would be a 1099 independent contractor, which means you do pay your own taxes and get your own insurance, we do not provide that. How you get paid is simple. Once you get a driver HIRED then you will get paid within 1-1/2 weeks following confirmation of the hire via direct deposit. Payday is always on Fridays and weekly hires means weekly paychecks as well!