If you are debating becoming a truck driver, first you need to ask your self these questions:

  • How does your family feel about you becoming a truck driver?

    – Are they OK with me being away from home for extended periods of time?

  • Why Do you want to become a truck driver?

    – Driving a truck is not for everyone

  • Do you like to drive?

    – A basic question, yes, but very important. If you get bored quickly or have to stop every 30 minutes then this is not the career choice for you.

  • Are you a patient person?

    – There’s a lot of sitting around and waiting involved — in loading docks, traffic, truckstops, etc. Lack of patience can cause serious problems.

  • Are you safety orientated?

    – Trucks are NOT just oversized cars.  They’re heavy equipment, and can quite easily kill you or someone else.  Even small things can turn around and bite you.

  • Are you ok being alone for extended periods of time?

    – This is another big question. Some carriers may not allow riders right away, or ever. You must be ok with the fact of being alone in your truck.

  • Are you a self starter? Do you have a good work ethic?

    – Out on the road, there’s no boss standing over you with a stick.  You’ve got to get up and move the freight down the road under your own power.  Hours can be very long — 12 to 14 hour workdays are common.

  • Are you in good physical health?

    – You’ll be climbing around the equipment, moving freight, coupling and uncoupling trailers.

  • You need to be drug and alcohol free, can you commit to this?

    – You’ll be taking pre-employment, and thereafter random drug and alcohol tests.  If you’re involved in a crash (even if it’s not your fault) you’ll also be tested.  A positive test, or refusal to test, is the absolute kiss of death in the industry. A little known fact is the reduced alcohol limit for CDL holders.  If you have a CDL, the legal alcohol limit is .04 — half of what it is for everyone else.  Yes, even in a car.  Also, any detectable trace of alcohol (even below the .04 limit) will get you a 24 hour out-of-service order — which is also the kiss of death.

If you don’t meet all of the criteria above, then do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for employment. You may be able to get someone to hire and train you, but it’s a waste of time, since you won’t last. You’ll either quit, or get fired.

Otherwise, if you do meet the criteria above, apply today by clicking HERE!